NB: From August 1 2019 it is not longer possible to registre voor de eBROK.

The programme of the eBROK® training course eBROK® consists of the following components:

  • Complete the eBROK® course before January 1, 2020! In 2019, the provider of the eBROK® will change. The NFU has signed a contract with Elevate Health to improve the eBROK® and make it up-to-date. This has consequences for everyone that follows the eBROK® or is intending to do so. The current eBROK® environment closes by August 1 2020. One has to complete the eBROK®-course before January 1, 2020, including passing the exam. The current course can be purchased until August 1, 2019. Please note, one must pass the exam before January 1, 2020. 

  • A self-assessment. By doing the self-assessment you can test your own knowledge. It results in personal study advice, so you can study in a focused manner.
  • A study package. In the study package the theory is offered based on four case studies: a drug study, a medical device study, a biobank study supplemented with a surgical procedure, and a vaccine study. A variety of study activities is offered: web lectures by experts, forum discussions with fellow trainees, study texts, practice questions, polls and animations.
  • A centre-specific session. For further information about local procedures and particulars, you will also attend a half-day contact session at your own institution. Special attention will be given to common procedures in the institution (where to go to, where to find the tools), scientific integrity and instruction for your examination.
  • A national examination. When you have completed the above components, you can take part in the examination. It is a digital examination to be taken in a computer room at a UMC or STZ hospital (a hospital that is part of the Association of Top Clinical Teaching Hospitals) or at the EMWO examination office. Candidates who have passed the examination will be sent a certificate and will be listed in the BROK® register which can be found here on the NFU website.

The costs of eBROK are:

  • UMC staff: EUR 400,-
  • STZ hospital staff: EUR 600,-
Students have to complete the course before January 1, 2020!